View from Ken Volpin balcony. End of Paseo del Prado, without trees, as the result of the 2017 Hurricane Irma.


The purpose of this site is to document, in pictures and descriptions, of growing up in Hanoar Hatzioni in Cuba.

Any chaverim who visit this site may contact me at egapub at  My Spanish has become pretty rusty, but I will be able to read your message and even reply.

Corrections of descriptions and contributions of more pictures are welcome.

Hazak V’ematz

Purim 5770 – February 28, 2010

August 8, 2011 – Facebook Group “Hanoar Hatzioni B’Cuba” created

December 2020 – Website rebuilt


Our History

During the years following the First World War, two ideological currents ran throughout European youth, Jews included: fascist nationalism and revolutionary Marxism. A small group of enlightened Jewish youths criticised the extremist positions and slogans and concluded that they would not endure reality. At the same time, they sensed the danger caused by the separation and division of people into two opposing camps, fighting each other. They then considered an obligation to create a youth movement.

The year was 1926 when the idea crystallized with the establishment of Hanoar Hatzioni. Already at its beginnings, the movement appeared on the scene as an educational movement extracting its principles at the foundations of Judaism, Zionism and pioneering.

In 1952, chaver Ben Guefen came from Mexico to form our movement in Cuba. Hadassah sponsored the American branch of Hanoar Hatzioni–Plugat Aliyah; an offshoot of Young Judaea