Prado 260 - Picture dated 1959. Unknown people on our balcony observing something on the Prado, perhaps the carnival or a military parade. Radio Garcia Serra was located on the ground floor. Ken David Volpin shared the second floor with the various offices of the UniĆ³n Sionista de Cuba and we had the full run of the roof that was enclosed with a parapet. The UniĆ³n Sionista had daily airtime on Radio Garcia Serra that was divided among various Jewish community organizations. Hanoar Hatzioni had its own weekly 30-60 minutes to talk about our activities, read news about Israel, play records and even live singing of Hebrew songs. As the result of the rupture, by Cuba, of diplomatic relations with the state of Israel in 1978, the UniĆ³n Sionista was closed by the Cuban government. Reportedly, its property was handed over to the neighboring UniĆ³n Arabe de Cuba.
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